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Summer Student Jobs

Breaking Down Barriers, Independent Living Resource Centre a Registered Charity in Collingwood, has 3 job openings for continuing students:
           - Peer Support Assistant
           - Website Administration & Administrative Support Assistant
           - Promotions Facilitator
Please send your Cover letters & resumes to Debbie Carey at:

Summary of Job Openings
Peer Support Assistant
The peer support assistant will work closely with the members that our Centre serves by providing an inclusive environment developing leadership skills, reducing individual isolation and learning about rights and responsibilities of individuals with disabilities. The candidate will work closely with the Peer Support Coordinator designing weekly programs based on arising community needs to facilitate & accommodate the sector we serve. They will shadow the coordinator & work together to identify gaps in services, creating new options or helping existing services become inclusive while sharing ideas and experiences to build essential skill sets.
Website Administration & Administrative Support
The candidate will assess information & develop key Networking skills by providing clear and up to date information on resources & options enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their own lives and the supports that they require to fully participate in their community on our Webpage and social media sites. This content will not only benefit people with disabilities but also families, community organizations, government offices, educational institutions, businesses and the community at large who seek information on disability issues. This position will also include work related to research and Community Development: identifying gaps in services, creating new options or helping existing services become inclusive, demonstrating the IL model of service delivery and supporting communities to become accessible.  The candidate will work closely with our Independent Living Skills (ILS) coordinator & our Administrative Support Worker who will provide essential guidance & support to ensure a positive hands on learning experience is attained & to ensure workplace protocols are being followed & that the candidate will be able to navigate through all our program needs.
Promotions Facilitator
As a navigation Centre we are highly involved in building an inclusive and accessible community for all; the candidate will assist in developing campaigns to grow awareness about our agency and the programs we offer in all the communities we serve. They will have the opportunity to design promotional materials and develop networking and interpersonal skills.  The candidate will work closely with the Centre's Executive Director and Strategic Planning and Fundraising Committees to develop essential media and promotional tools. The candidate will obtain a meaningful work experience & will be able to develop many essential skill sets transferable to different working environments.