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Please take this survey about poverty

Validating Poverty Measurment

Statistics Canada is working with the Independent Living Resource Centres and orther Canadian organizations to better measure how many Canadians live in poverty across the country. Such as how much people are spending on food, clothing, shelter and transportation.
Independent Living Canada has asked us to add this survey to our website so that our stake you can have your say on the matter. Hoping to create awareness the country this short questionnaire  takes no more than five minutes to complete and will go a long way to providing updated statistics. 

Please submit your questionnaire by January 31, 2019.Participation is anonymous and respondent information is protected by the Privacy Act.

Anytime Plumbing & Solutions Saves the day!

Thank you to Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, The Town of Collingwood & to the Collingwood Home Depot.

There are not enough Thank you’s we can say for the gratitude we feel for the assistance we received from Anytime Plumbing & Solutions.
We cannot emphasize enough how blessed we are for the amazing community support we received when we had a plumbing emergency & through Clay’s resourcefulness & numerous contacts what had been achieved for our Organization.
Thank you to Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, The Town of Collingwood & to the Collingwood Home Depot.

On October 31st ,none the less, we got both treats & tricks! A member when leaving whispered to tell me something is wrong with the toilet. Well if only it were that simple; when plunging was unresponsive & everything seemed to be backing up we knew it was time to call the big guns in!
Anytime Plumbing & Solutions came in shortly after our call, as they recognized we had an emergency on our hands, with two toilets overflowing sinks backed up… a true haunting experience! Clay & his apprentice quickly localized the external drain & the work begun.
We soon learnt that the situation was much more complex. Clay tapped into his incredible networking pool and reached out to various community partners who worked numerous long hours to discover that they needed to dig up the sewer, replace a 45” joint , then replace the sewer from the outside and clean out to property line.

This was a daunting task but Anytime Plumbing & Solutions worked hard and made our Organization a priority but above all Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, The Town of Collingwood & the Collingwood Home Depot recognized the work we do & our Charitable status & donated their time, expertise & supplies. Costs where needed were reduced to a minimum.

Thank you to our unsung heroes who went over and above to ensure Breaking Down Barriers, Independent Living Resource Centre is able to offer it’s regularly scheduled programs and services.

If anyone is in need of a resourceful & well connected Plumber, we highly recommend Clay & his crew from Anytime Plumbing & Solutions #705-606-7082

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Breaking Down Barriers has moved to it's Forever Home!

234 Ste. Marie St.


Breaking Down Barriers is now located at 234 Ste. Marie Street in Collingwood! Though we are still unpacking, we are up and running with program and plan to have an official open house in the New Year. Look for your invitation soon. 

Breaking Down Barriers - Your Independent Living Resource Centre

Breaking Down Barriers empowers people with disabilities, enabling them to live independently in our communities of Simcoe, Bruce and Grey Counties.

Breaking Down Barriers is a registered charity and an inclusive agency, serving people with physical, sensory, emotional or intellectual disabilities. Disabilities can be visible or invisible. We are located in Collingwood but serve South Georgian Bay including Wasaga Beach, Clearview and the Town of the Blue Mountains and Simcoe, Bruce and Grey Counties. Our website reflects the many activities, programs and initiatives that we provide for people with disabilities and the whole community. We welcome those interested to participate in our programs and events either as consumers, volunteers or members. Come and join us as we continue to break down barriers that prevent the full participation of people with disabilities in our community. Please explore our website for more information, visit on our facebook page or call us at 705-445-1543.

Breaking Down Barriers 30th Anniversary

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